• Exploring Sangenjaya from Persona 5

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    I found out that the locations used in Persona 5 where based on real life places in Tokyo. So of course, I needed to explore it. It was great, the vibe I got from the area was copied perfectly in the game. I really felt like I was there.

    Sangenjaya station

    The double level highway was crazy in person. Because Japan is smart, the space below it is used for Motorcycle parking and some car parking too in same places.

    Sangenjaya from Persona 5

    Sangenjaya from Persona 5 (the guy on the bike was looking at me like I was weird)

    Exploring Sangenjaya

    just outside the public bath that the joker lived near

    Exploring Sangenjaya

    Exploring Sangenjaya

    Exploring Sangenjaya

    Grocery store in Sangenjaya. It is part of a chain of grocery stores throughout Japan

    Exploring Sangenjaya

    Looks like the building where the Doctor I dated worked at in Persona 5



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