At Narita & Nishi Shinjuku Gochome at night

I had finally arrived in Japan!!! YAAA! Just finished up with immigration/customs and a 13+hr flight… got my money from the ATM and Suica card.

Money! I followed others advice and used a 7-11 ATM. I have a bank account that comes with unlimited ATM fee reimbursements Worldwide, so that is one less thing i need to worry about.

My Yen i just got from the 7-11 ATM

Now that i got that, I looked at the NEX and (nonexistent) Keisei lines… and chose the Keisei

Keisei Skyliner from Narita Station

Now… my first problem. I had a 13+ hour flight, just spent 1hr in immigration and searching airport…. and my SIM card is not working. I have a Google Project Fi SIM card because i heard it was great. Not so great for me right now. I’m on the train and no service and the wifi doesnt seem to work either. Great. Luckily I had looked at my google map to the hotel so many times that its stuck in my head. Transfer to the yamanote line, get off at Shinjuku and transfer to Tokyo Metro Oedo Line for Nishi Shinjuku! Stressful first day so far but i’m pushing on.

Street at the Oedo Line Metro station.

I eventually make it to the Hotel at 11:30PM. It was pretty easy to spot and they spoke english well enough. Gave them my passport and got my key card. 14th floor! Got to my room, Everyone said these hotels where small, and they are, compared to giant American hotels but the size was just fine for me.

Night view from my Hotel

View looked amazing!!! I messaged some people (mum mainly) saying I made it. I was excited at the same time but I know i was awake for 24 hours. Time for bed and in 5 minutes I was asleep.