Kyoto Day 1 | Return to Japan

I returned to Japan for my second trip in late fall of last year (2023) The restrictions had just started to be lifted and I had immediately booked a flight as soon as soon as I heard the news

Kyoto Day 1

Stepping out into the evening streets, I was immediately struck by the crowds of people moving with a sense of purpose. Tourists and locals alike traversed the city, each group with their own unique destination in mind.

While the bustling atmosphere could have been overwhelming, it instead added to the charm of the experience. The streets, illuminated by street lamps and shopfronts, took on an ethereal quality. Every corner seemed to have a new discovery, from traditional shops selling local crafts to charming cafes offering seasonal delights.

Arriving in Kyoto during the height of the fall foliage season was an experience like no other. The bustling streets, teeming with excited travelers, added a sense of camaraderie and shared wonder. Though packed with visitors, the atmosphere only served to amplify the city’s allure, making my trip to Kyoto a truly memorable one from the moment of arrival.