Kyoto Day 2 | Streets of Kyoto

Exploring Kyoto’s residential streets is like embarking on a real adventure. You’re not just following a guidebook; you’re actually getting lost in a maze of narrow lanes, with surprises around every corner. It’s about turning down unfamiliar streets, chatting with locals, and stumbling upon hidden treasures like tucked-away shrines or charming little cafes. This journey encourages you to delve into the authentic, unscripted side of the city, discovering its unfiltered charm one street at a time.

All of the streets here are narrow and homes are built right up to the street.

You can actually drive right through an old castle wall.

Space is so limited here that they decided to put small car driveways/bridges to park their cars.

Beautiful river surrounded by trees. The river went on for awhile, having dozens of tiny car bridges and pedestrian bridges to walk across.

Totoro bus stop was really cute. Little things like these make randomly exploring worth it.

The real soul of this city. Forget the big tourist spots here These narrow lanes are where tradition and modern life mix, and they show off the city’s subtler, more relaxed side. Out of all the ways to explore Kyoto, randomly wandering through its streets may be the most rewarding. While it might not lead you to the iconic landmarks that Kyoto is famous for, it offers something far more valuable: a genuine, unscripted encounter with the city’s heart and soul. By following your curiosity and letting the streets guide you, you open yourself up to unexpected experiences and hidden gems that no guidebook can reveal. It’s a chance to see Kyoto as it lives and breathes, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the magic of exploration reignites with every turn you take.