Outside Nakano Broadway

Had to visit a place i discovered recently called Nakano Broadway. I first heard about it in the Digimon Cyber Sleuth video game. I thought it was made up for the game but later learned it was in fact a real place. It wasn’t very quick to get to but pretty easy if you have GPS. Just a quick trip on the Tokyo metro to Nakano stop.

This is one of those locations that became more about the journey and less about the destination.

Walking to Nakano Broadway.

Already the area is packed more than any place in Tokyo i have seen so far.

Crazy packed

This manga shop was as big as a small US grocery store, Largest one I have ever seen. I got lost in here for awhile and left with multiple bags of manga to carry.

Manga shop in Nakano Broadway.

At this point, i had way too many items to carry back… needed to make a quick trip back to my hotel but I had to grab shots of this alley.

Outside Nakano Broadway, alley way with broken off cherry branches